• Import Warehouse China

    Import Warehouse China

    Our company provides warehousing services for import and export goods. In the warehouse, we can complete the packing, picking and sorting of the goods. We have professional handling equipment to...

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  • Dangerous Storage of Chemicals in China

    Dangerous Storage of Chemicals in China

    For dangerous chemicals such special substances, we have a special warehouse for these cargo to provide professional storage, the goods are placed in our warehouse, to ensure safety, quality of...

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  • 24-hour Regulation

    24-hour Regulation

    For export goods, we can provide 24 hours of cargo monitoring service, to ensure that your goods in the container position, to ensure the safety and quality of goods, our company is a reliable...

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  • China Bonded Area

    China Bonded Area

    A bonded zone is a special trade zone created within domestic areas. It has special arrangements for customs duties, import/export duties and several supervision approaches. For example, foreign...

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  • China 3pl

    China 3pl

    About Third Party Logistics Third-party logistics is the activity of outsourcing logistics and distribution by companies to logistics solution provider.Whether your decide to outsource only...

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  • China Supply Chain

    China Supply Chain

    Our supply chain services can be used to help enterprises achieve higher customer service at lower operating costs, and ultimately increase the profitability of enterprises.High level of...

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    Provide very little cost, our professional operators can pack your bulk packing into pallets, save packaging costs, facilitate loading and unloading, to provide you with convenience.Our company is...

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    When the owner delivers the goods to our warehouse, we will take pictures of your goods, make sure that your goods have been safely stored and stored well, The loading container and confirm the...

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  • Large Equipment

    Large Equipment

    Large equipment refers to heavy-duty tools, specially designed for executing construction tasks, Depending on the different freight demand, heavy equipment will be used in different ways and will...

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  • Reinforcing


    Our company can provide goods professional reinforcement, ensure the goods reasonable loading, reasonable loading can guarantee the safety of goods in transit, the damage of goods, can also...

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