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    Provide very little cost, our professional operators can pack your bulk packing into pallets, save packaging costs, facilitate loading and unloading, to provide you with convenience.Our company is...

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    When the owner delivers the goods to our warehouse, we will take pictures of your goods, make sure that your goods have been safely stored and stored well, The loading container and confirm the...

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  • Large Equipment

    Large Equipment

    Large equipment refers to heavy-duty tools, specially designed for executing construction tasks, Depending on the different freight demand, heavy equipment will be used in different ways and will...

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  • Reinforcing


    Our company can provide goods professional reinforcement, ensure the goods reasonable loading, reasonable loading can guarantee the safety of goods in transit, the damage of goods, can also...

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  • Import and Export Declaration Certificate

    Import and Export Declaration Certificate

    Customers only need to provide the detailed list of goods, the information of delivery and the consignee before dispatch, which is very simple and convenient, safe and fast, what’s more, we can...

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  • China Complete Plant Import and Export Corporation

    China Complete Plant Import and Export Corporation

    The company strives for excellence and excellent service for the purpose for our manufacture, management and supervision. Meanwhile it always keeps its promises and guarantees prompt delivery and...

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  • FORM E

    FORM E

    By "FORM E" export 6 issued preferential tax cuts as long as China ASEAN Free Trade Area China - confirmation (FORM E), exports to Kampuchea, Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma,...

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  • FORM A

    FORM A

    FORM A is a GSP certificate of origin form A, it is the primary beneficiary country exports to the country to enjoy GSP tariff relief official document treatment when necessary, all the goods are...

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  • CO


    The company can provide all kinds of import and export cargo certification, such as FA, FE, CO, to ensure reasonable price, in the shortest possible time to handle the goods of the...

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