Why Does The Chinese Consignor Request The Refund Of The Sea Freight From The Shipping Company

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Why does the Chinese consignor ask for refund of sea freight?

Many students who do international trade ask the same question:

1. LCL: (multiple suppliers = multiple consignee) the wool is out of the sheep. If you take the refund on this side, the guests in your port will be twice as much as you take.Because no logistics company is going to be busy for you.It's impossible to give you a refund of USD100.00/ CBM, as your guests charge USD50.00/ CBM.It is always the lowest revenue USD200.00/ CBM.When you see the guest's bill, when you ask the forwarder, the answer will always be one of the wrong ones, and the maximum return of usd10-50.00 /CBM will be returned to your guests.(no matter which route it is)

Please think it over, wooden table, for example, a cubic meters of the table, export to Singapore, the sea freight refund usd 150.00 / CBM + your product cost usd 300.00, guests and the local fee of usd 200.00, the guest this table to sell how many money, then he will keep his costs?The cost has been USD650.00, and your guest is not going to sell usd800-1000.00 for a table.Let me ask you, will you buy it?

If the customer can't sell it, why are you placing a second order?

For example: China - Europe, there is Chinese manufacturing fee charged at destination port, do you think it is reasonable?So how are you going to compete with the southeast Asian countries?

2. The whole case: Japan airlines refund because when world war ii to China a subsidy, all Chinese ships to the Japanese port, the local government subsidies usd 200.00/20 FCL, usd 400.00/40 FCL & 40 hc. Other so-called single refund, that is bullshit.Southeast Asia sometimes has a small refund, because the shipping company will charge a cleaning fee for the destination port.This grey is often high.

3. LCL: (multiple suppliers = 1 consignee) why is it so high?High is right.Why is your order so much?Why don't you think about it, because you're paying for it, your logistics company isn't messing up, like your customers are charging something that shouldn't be charged.So you have more orders.The value of the goods is high.The value of goods is high and your tax refund is high.As for the company boss not to give back to the salesman, this belongs to you to communicate with the boss.Not within the scope of logistics.You can reselect your business.If you don't get a good deal, forget it.

The wool will always be out of the sheep, never in other places.

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