What Are The Reasons Why Foreigners Are Willing To Cooperate With Trading Companies

- Feb 02, 2019 -


What are the reasons why foreigners are willing to cooperate with trading companies


I want to answer with my own example

I shop for accessories for a buyer in a Nordic company

Our price will be higher than the factory's

Buyers know we are a trading company, so why do they choose us?

In no particular order, for no particular reason.

A: we accept orders of all sizes

Millions of orders, everyone is happy, but as small as 50USD or even 30USD, which factory will take it?

We take millions of orders from them, and any small orders that the factory is not happy to make

Even small quantities of products to order.Profit hundreds of thousands of do, the profit of 48 yuan also do.And the requirement to size sheet is same strict.

Two: quality control

Quality control is essential to the survival of a business, and if you often buy from different factories, you know that.

Many factories in China treat quality as nothing more than fart (trust me)

I once made a batch of corduroy hats for a buyer. When I returned the order, the lining was black. Finally, the bulk lining was mixed with blue stripes

When we picked out all the blue stripes, we found that there was dust in the shipment -- to be honest, it's hard to avoid dust in hat production

And the fine bits of foam produced at the edges of the cloth.Upon discovery, all our colleagues mobilized to vacuum the hats

Silk scarves, once helped a star order 200 silk scarves, the price is quite high, the final only out of 130

Because examine goods to discover one side slanting, picked 70 side slanting directly later come out, still pile company now

The factory will not give you a refund or exchange, and these costs are our own.How many factories can do it?Not to mention the fact that the factory turned out defective products

Deliberately mixed into the bulk of the practice.This batch of small square filar towel still piles a company really

Sometimes there is a color difference, unless we feel that there is no big problem, or a little problem, we ourselves stuck goods

Instead of testing the buyer with junk and asking if it's ok, it's a no-brainer

To be frank with you, our company has a stricter control over quality than buyers do.What AQL2.5, order small quantity, we directly full inspection.

Many customers on their own platforms or sold on other platforms cannot have too much return rate and defective products.

Only when customers grow can our suppliers grow. The factory does not understand this, but we do.

Only strict control of good quality, in order to let customers on the right road to open, otherwise how to talk about long-term cooperation?

Three: a claim

No one wants to encounter this kind of problem, but what is the attitude of the factory when there is a problem with the real order?

Push three to stop four, try to reduce the loss, or not pay.Leave the client alone with all the mess

Our company takes the initiative to solve our problems

The delivery date is late, I took the initiative to write an email to say that our problem was changed to air freight, and we will pay the air freight

Iv. Sample preparation fee and payment

Each company picks up different types of clients, so this is just fiction

We don't charge any sample fee. Even if the sample is 1K, 800 or 500, the company will pay

We give our customers excellent payment methods, which the factory cannot afford

Five: a wider range of products

The trade company clerk to the product depth specialized is not many, but we strives for the cross type development

That is, to try to understand one type of product in depth, and then understand many, many other products horizontally

Not everyone is born to know what products, but our colleagues are very hard to learn their own piece of the product and related products

Keep growing, progress, collect more factories

Offer more and more products to buyers

This is of course the advantage of trading companies, no factory, it can be said that the world's factories are our factories

Can provide a variety of similar products for customers at a time, can send them together this is also a great advantage

Remember last year, the buyer asked me if I could find the body chain, I said yes, you buy a plane we can try.

Taken together, as long as customers are not particularly tight on prices, it is not surprising to choose trading companies..


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