Warehousing Contract

- Oct 16, 2017 -

A warehousing contract is a contract in which the parties agree to keep the stored goods for safekeeping by the custodian (also known as the keeper or warehouse business person), and the inventory person shall pay the warehousing expenses.

Warehousing industry is with the development of commodity economy, from the custody of the development and expansion of the special business. Since modern times, the warehousing industry has become more and more developed, because with the expansion of international and regional trade, the warehousing industry can provide convenient, safe and reasonable price storage services for large quantities of goods. Therefore, the warehousing contract is no longer treated as a general custodial contract, but as an independent and well-known contract in the contract law.

The warehousing contract has the following characteristics:

1. The custodian must be a person with a warehouse business qualification, that is, a person with warehousing facilities, warehousing equipment, specialized warehousing and storage. This is an important feature of the main body of the warehousing contract.

2. The object of warehousing contract is movable property, immovable property cannot be the object of warehousing contract.

3. warehousing contract for Connaught contract. The warehousing contract has been in force since its inception.

4. Warehousing Contract is not a type of contract, can be written form, can also be oral form.

5. Warehousing Contract is a dual-service, paid contract. The depositary shall provide the obligation to store and keep, and the depositor shall bear the obligation to pay the warehousing fee.

6. Warehouse is an important feature of warehousing contract.

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