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- Jan 17, 2019 -

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"Overall, global country risk levels have increased since the second half of 2017.It is mainly manifested in four aspects. First, political risks are on the rise. Second, the world economy is becoming more differentiated. Third, financial market risks are likely to accumulate. In 2018, 178 countries had little change in their risk levels and their ratings remained stable. Seven countries were upgraded, including north Korea, South Korea, Thailand, Greece, Portugal, Colombia and djibouti, mainly due to the easing of geopolitical tensions in some regions and the increased political stability and uncertainty in some countries. Seven countries, including Jordan, Qatar and Turkey, were downgraded due to widening conflicts and disagreements among some gulf countries and the possibility of lower efficiency of national risk management and control.

There are 168 countries with unchanged sovereign credit risk levels and stable ratings. Singapore, Albania, Montenegro, Russia, el Salvador and palau were upgraded, while Turkey, yemen and Ecuador were downgraded. According to the outlook of national risk and sovereign credit risk in 2018, there are 13 countries with "positive" outlook, 13 countries with "negative" outlook and 166 countries with "stable" outlook. The outlook for sovereign credit risk ratings is "positive" for 25 countries, "negative" for 23 and "stable" for 133.

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