The Importance Of Overseas Exhibitions

- Feb 13, 2019 -

The importance of overseas exhibitions


(The news from Singapore UNL Shipping & Logistics Pte Ltd ).


From a message sent by a toy industry leader in the circle of friends:

He said: "the most important thing in nuremberg is not the exhibition, but the exhibition.Many people ask me: why do I have to come here in person?Because: I am afraid that a year of not watching, will be on the product trend and wind direction of the whole year to misjudge, resulting in missing some opportunities, as a toy brand, this...It's really important, and that's why even if nothing new is discovered, it will come.

When we celebrate the Spring Festival, he and his team are really busy, paying tribute to the hard work of foreign trade people!

Today I happened to see The materials of The exhibition of The London Textile Fair in 2019, and some information disclosed by them also confirmed this colleague's point of view.

Exhibition official summary of the new trends in fabrics

Similar to the Japanese exhibition organization, this exhibition listed the product categories and moq of exhibitors. Thinking back to our moq, if these are our potential customers, can you deal with these customers' small batch orders?

Understanding the international counterparts, their habits and changes, let us improve ourselves to adapt to the changes in the market, should be one of the essentials of the exhibition.

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