The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Unreinforced And Reinforced Coil Steel

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Coil steel is a common product in international trade.The coil steel products have the characteristics of small size, large weight and easy to roll.In recent years, the export volume of steel products in our country has increased, and we have also accumulated more and more boxes of these products in the port service.Therefore,this paper analyzes the damages and benefits of the unreinforced and reinforced coil steel.

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Every coins has two sides,it will cost a certain amount of money before the steel coil reinforcement,and the client may feel that it is unnecessary to spend the money.But reinforcement is very important, for coil to coil in transit stability and other aspects of the great benefits, if not reinforce the loss caused by far more than in previous investment reinforcement, the damage and cannot be redeemed this is certain.As a shipping company, we should communicate with customers in time to know the necessity of steel reinforcement and the harmfulness of unreinforced steel.After all, once the problems with the shipping company loss than the loss more customers, not just in the pecuniary loss, but also on the loss, the influence of the leaves on the market will be a long time can not calm.The following is a summary of the damage caused by  the unreinforced coil steel of the SITC, and the two aspects of the damage and the advantages of the steel reinforcement.


Damage to coil steel not reinforcement:

1. The coil steel is easy to move in the containers,resulting in loss.

2. Impact and damage of containers,not only cause excessive cost,but can not safety delivered.

3. Damage the containers and hull structures.

4. To threaten the ship’s safety at sea.

5. According to the international maritime law,all expenses incurred shall be borne by the consignee.



Here are some pictures of the damage caused by unreinforced coil steel:

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Benefit to coil steel reinforcement:

1. It greatly increases the force area and reduces the pressure on the bottom of the container.

2. Ensure that the container is not leaking at the bottom of the container during hoisting.

3. Safeguard the container and hull structure intact.

4. Ensure the safety of goods and containers in transit.

5. At the same times.ensure the cargoes’ DOD and consignee’s credit.


Here are some pictures of the benefit caused by reinforced coil steel:




reinforcing coil steel have many methods,different shipping companies have different reinforcement methods (the method can be referred to the early YTD news report).The customer can also choose according to the ship company reinforcement method.


Thus it can be seen that reinforcing steel roll is very important, without reinforcement roil steel will like harm pictures above losses, have a negative effect, affect the reputation of the company, its own ship lose customer trust & damaged container and ship all the expenses to be borne by the consignee and shipper.Once the reinforcement is done, it can be stabilized in all aspects, not only to deliver the goods safely, but also to reduce the cost of the loss and greatly reduce the cost.