Stop Luring Customers With Low Prices

- Jan 30, 2019 -

(The news from Singapore UNL Shipping & Logistics Pte Ltd ).


The first step for a product to enter the market is to boast its excellent cost performance or attract customers with relatively low price.Especially our logistics industry, but also like the blood of the price war.But in the same service, the low price will inevitably make other services less lovely, such as delivery time.At first, party a company will not inquire whether the goods arrive on time, after all, the price is satisfactory.However, with the changing market environment, customers have higher requirements on the supply chain, so price is not the first choice

On time delivery

Nowadays, the requirement of logistics is more and more high, and punctual delivery is the most important requirement.But must achieve the goods on time delivery, the backside must have the consummation information management system to cooperate with it.The most typical method is to use the warehouse management system, in order to receive customer order information for the first time to pick and ship.Setting can provide customers with timely information about the real-time delivery of goods, so that customers can flexibly adjust related work.

The second

Perfect service

Good word of mouth is the guarantee to retain customers, will also let you attract new customers.Perfect service system is the foundation of good reputation.For example;Handling of abnormal goods, sales with a good sense of service, customs clearance services and all kinds of goods procedures.There are various additional services such as;Delivery to door, pick-up, packing and receipt, etc.In today's increasingly fierce competition, customers can solve more trouble will be a winner.


Transparent price

This requires the company to have strict quality standards for its own service, and to have strict control over the loss rate, breakage rate and punctuality.What problem appears, have corresponding compensatory plan.A standard pricing system is more trusted by customers and avoids many price disputes.

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