Steel Coil Packing And Reinforcement

- Mar 28, 2018 -

1. coil steel packing

The cargo of rolled steel has the characteristics of small volume, large weight and easy rolling. Because the key points of coil steel are relatively small, for such goods packing, we must first ensure that goods cannot leak the bottom of containers, which requires our reinforcement personnel to understand the bottom structure of containers.


In order to increase the focus on the surface before stuffing, strengthening personnel will spread two to 3 in the interior of the container and wooden flute, wood and corrugated container bottom beam vertically placed, so then rolled steel in the wood edge above, greatly increasing the force area, reduce the pressure on the bottom of the rolled steel container, container in hoisting in the process of the bottom of the container is not leak.


In general, there are two ways of rolling steel into the box: 1, the forklift truck is directly loaded with the reel into the box; 2, the forklift is rolled into the container with the rolled steel. The selection of which packing method should be combined with the actual number of boxes per box and the volume of the volume in each box. Generally speaking, there are more than second options for the selection of 5 pieces of steel per box, and most of the 6 or more rolls of rolled steel are the first choice.


Sometimes the rolled steel with wooden packing, then you won't have to shop early wood, can direct packing, but make sure that the volume and container bottom steel wooden flute at the bottom of the bottom beam perpendicular to direction of packing, so as not to leak the floor.


The above talk is the place where some points should be paid attention to, and the details of the reinforcement of the steel coil are also discussed.

2. steel coil reinforcement and carrier requirements

①.MSK/MCC/SAF reinforcement

The requirements of rolled steel reinforcement wood, between the rolls and the container walls with wooden separated, and each volume to ensure there is a wire rope


②CMA reinforcement

CMA-CGM requirements for rolled steel wood mat  steel coil, pull wire rope


③MSC reinforcement

MSC requires that the bottom of the rolled steel is 5.8 meters long, and the cross section is at least two wood of 15cm*15cm, and the volume of the volume is not less than 8cm*8cm.


④HPL reinforcement

This reinforcement requirement is not common, and the general ship company will give a specific reference map of the reinforcement.

I,The two roll steel reinforcement with wooden frame at the bottom of the container lashing.


II,Based on the requirements, then a layer of wood in roll around


III,There are three layers of wood at the bottom of the roll steel, which is supported by wood around it. This reinforcement is rare, and we have no examples at the moment.


⑤Reinforcement of common steel coil

3. 3.Third. Summary

For the reinforcement of the rolled steel, the requirements of each shipping company are not the same, but the purpose is to ensure the safety of the goods and containers during the transport process. As a reinforcement personnel, we will be strict with ourselves, always adhering to the "service no end, satisfaction is just the starting point" of the service concept, quality and quantity of the completion of every vote reinforcement operation.