Snowstorms Have Hit Many Parts Of The United States, Disrupting Transportation.

- Jan 18, 2019 -

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More than 35 million people have been affected by winter weather warnings after a winter storm swept through the Midwest states over the weekend, killing 13 people, us media reported. Several highways in the United States have been paralyzed, causing accidents and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights.


In response to the storm's effects, the National Weather Service said more snow was likely to fall in Washington and Virginia, and Washington's office of personnel management announced Sunday that federal offices were closed Monday because of the Weather.Virginia's governor declared a state of emergency Sunday night.

The snow also affected airports in the region.Washington Dulles international airport tweeted that the federal aviation administration imposed a roughly three-hour ground stop at the airport Sunday because of weather.The airport said heavy snow affected flights in and out of the area.

Baltimore also got a lot of snow, four to six inches on Sunday.One to two inches of snow fell in Philadelphia and a small amount along the northern edge of the storm in New York.

"We had a strong snowstorm 1,400 miles from Kansas to the east coast," said U.S. meteorologist harry brink.St Louis was hit by its worst snowstorm in five years.A major snowfall is expected in the mid-atlantic by 2019.Also in north Carolina, dozens of roads were closed due to weather conditions.

More than a foot of snow has fallen in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado since Friday.The heaviest snowfall was 20 inches in Montgomery, northwest of st. Louis, Missouri.On Saturday night, the Missouri highway patrol tweeted that it had responded to 57 injuries, 878 crashes, 1,790 stranded drivers and 3,918 service calls.


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