Several Common Special Case Reinforcement Methods

- Apr 02, 2018 -

1.Super long wooden case packing reinforced.

Container transportation has improve the quality of the goods, to reduce the transportation cost and improve the efficiency of transportation and other advantages, in order to make the integrity and security of transportation, container reinforcement plays a very important role.According to the characteristics of the container and other shipping companies, the reinforcement methods of the container are summarized as follows:

A. for heavy container of small container, place reinforcement method, can be used to make the above packing pressure below the cases on the place of using upper packing weight limit of the lower the cases of moving, but the cases of reinforcement must be bundled with the rope, guarantee the stable.

B. If between the two packing containers have big gaps.It is necessary to adopt the overall stabilization of the wooden brackets, and also need to pack the bags, pull the package on the inside of the container, and prevent the collision in the transportation.



2.Frame cargo reinforcement

In the process of transport of cargoes, for the transportation of bulk cargo must ensure its stability, and large volume of goods itself, weight big, if not ensure its stability in the transportation, in encountered in the process of road and shipping of dangerous situation very much, here are the characteristics of bulk cargo, summarizes several strengthening methods for bulk cargo:

A. First, bulk cargo volume is big, in terms of reinforcement, must adopt reinforcement material of the wire rope or very strong, in the process of reinforcement to repeatedly winding or reinforce the fixed area, guarantee not shaking around in the transportation.

B. Second, the bulk cargo is so high, it must be used in the process of strengthening elongated reinforcement material put it tied up, at the same time ensure with compact support plane, cannot leave space, more do not move.

C. Finally, in the reinforcement process, in order to ensure its stability, it is necessary to use the intersecting bundling and both sides to ensure the stability of both sides and the overall reinforcement.


3.H-type steel reinforcement

H steel transportation must be put into large containers, if no reinforcement in transit or reinforce the instability will cause it hit container, easy to get out of the container outside, and easy to make the body produces damaged, hinder transport.According to such a feature, the following reinforcement methods are summarized:

A. First, before the steel enters the container, each piece of steel is tied into a bundle. The binding process must ensure that each piece of steel is not loose, and the surrounding area is not scattered.

B. Second,after the steel tied into bundle,fill the container with each piece of steel, and tie each steel wire with steel wire to ensure that each tie does not collide with each other.

C. Finally, secure the wood in the container, then put the steel on it, and hold the H steel in place to ensure that the container will not crash out of the container.



4.Steel coil reinforcement

Steel coil products have the characteristics of small size, large weight and easy to roll.Due to the small strength of the coil steel, for such goods, it is necessary to ensure that the goods cannot be pressed at the bottom of the container. According to the characteristics of the coil steel, several reinforcement methods for the steel coil are summarized:

A. First , in order to increase the force surface, we need to put wooden sticks in the container and three layers of wood at the bottom, which are supported by wood and perpendicular to the container.

B. Second, put the coil steel on the stick, so that the coil can not roll, reduce the force area, and ensure that the bottom of the container will not be leaking.

C. Finally, each container is arranged according to different forms of reinforcement, with fixed ropes and reinforced materials, and intersections are used to ensure that each part can be fully strengthened.


5.Cylinder cargo, frame box reinforcement.

Cylinders of large goods, it is to point to the super, super wide or super-long cargo, and cylindrical goods also has the easy rolling, the characteristics of big weight, considering of the speciality of its size and shape, while strengthening cylindrical special counter, the following pictures belongs to the ultrahigh cylinder reinforcement, attention should be paid to use the following methods:

A. First,if the ultrahigh cylinder,must be use open top container.Wooden brackets and wooden brackets shall be used to support the reinforcement, and should be kept perpendicular to the container.

B. Second, we should fix the left and right sides and use the steel wire rope and the wooden support to secure the cylinder so that the goods will not be moved.

C. Finally.after fixing it,you must transport it with special vehicles.Vehicle chassis height cannot exceed 1.20M,the height of China’s domestic bridge is 4.50M.