Service Range Of Freight

- Oct 16, 2017 -

★ General Service Scope:

A.For Shanghai to all parts of the country baggage consignment, Railway Express, railway package and other services.

B.For Shanghai to Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and all over the country road transport, large, medium and small cities can be reached.

C.For Shanghai to all parts of the country long-distance chartered, empty cargo stowage business.

D.Handling the warehousing of goods.

E.SpeedPost Service for Shanghai to all parts of the country.

★ Special Service Range:

A.To host Shanghai to large, medium and small cities throughout the country to move business individuals or companies.

B.To handle such as pictorial, color painting and hand-painted oil packaging and transportation business.

C.For ordinary, senior cosmetics transport Business.

D.Provision of baggage packaging and consignment services for university students or employees.

E.To provide customers with customized wooden box packaging business.

F.Handling, packaging and transportation of piano majors.

★ Special Service Scope:

A.Car consignment: professional cars, car transport, the collection of more than a company Alliance, annual safe transportation and throughput of more than 200,000, business coverage throughout the country, and all the implementation of network operations, mainly in the SAIC Volkswagen (SVWSC), Suzhou General (SGM), Brilliance Jinbei and other automotive manufacturers, Provide door-to-door service.

B.Long-distance relocation business: has been, for some companies and individuals to provide Xuzhou as the center of the long-distance relocation business, the company's boss table, boss chairs, sofas, filing cabinets, personal color TV, refrigerators, washing machines and other professional packaging and transportation experience, every day will receive and accept several long-distance moving business!

★ Logistics Packaging Service Scope:

A.Wooden box Packaging: Professional Carpentry Master, skilled, specially tailored for customers wooden box packaging. For example, customers of precision instruments, electrical equipment, computer accessories, precious devices, glassware and so on should be packed in wooden cases, wooden cases are divided into fully enclosed, semi-enclosed and Huage box. In order to prevent the goods in transit due to collisions, shocks caused by losses, in order to improve the safety of transport, according to the actual situation of the product selection of wood thickness, density, length to packaging solid, earthquake-resistant suitable for transport.

B.Carton packaging: such as customer accessories, home appliances, luggage, computers should be added carton packaging, according to the different types of products, different specifications to provide relevant cartons. Additional cushioning material (e.g., other fillers such as bubble desert).

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