Saudi Arabia Has Imposed A New Ban On These Goods

- Jan 15, 2019 -

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Drones with built-in cameras, pens with built-in cameras, eyeglasses with built-in cameras, watches with built-in cameras and e-cigarettes are among the contraband items that are prohibited from entering Saudi Arabia, according to Saudi customs authorities.

Saudi Arabia's customs authorities have said that in addition to the seizure of the goods involved, a fine of 1,000 Saudi riyals (equivalent to 1,830 yuan) will be paid for any banned items.

The Middle East has been one of the emerging markets that cross-border e-commerce has focused on, while Saudi Arabia is the second-largest market.

According to Statistics, Saudi Arabia's e-commerce market will have a total capacity of $6.36 billion in 2018.The compound growth rate in the next five years is about 9.8%, and the total market capacity of e-commerce will reach 10 billion us dollars in 2023.The penetration rate of local users has reached 64.4% in 2018, and will slowly increase to 67.9% in the next five years.

Saudi Arabia has a population of 32 million, 22 million locals and 10 million outsiders. Among the e-commerce consumers in Saudi Arabia, 35.2% are aged between 25 and 34.More than 80 percent of Saudi Arabia's population is under the age of 35, according to statistics.

According to relevant data, the industrial production of Saudi Arabia is backward, and most household goods, such as furniture, curtains, doors and Windows, lighting, decorations, carpets, oil paintings, porcelain, toys, stationery and sporting goods, female ornaments, textiles, shoes and hats, electrical appliances, electronic products, kitchenware and decorative materials, are imported. Consumer demand capacity, strong sustainability.

At present, most Chinese goods in the Saudi market are purchased from dubai or neighboring countries, with many channels and high prices. Take the dubai market as an example. The retail and wholesale prices in the Saudi market are 10% to 15% higher than those in dubai. In addition, the general tax rate of Saudi Arabia is only 5%, and a protective tariff of 12%-20% is imposed on Saudi products (mainly chemical products and some agricultural products) that can meet or partially meet the needs of the local market. It should be said that the barriers to entry are relatively low.

According to a survey of online consumer behavior in Saudi Arabia, electronic products are the most popular online shopping products among saudis, favored by 88 percent of Saudi consumers, especially men (90 percent).In addition, 32 percent of respondents said mobile phones were the most popular electronic products bought online in the three months before the survey. In the survey, 52 percent of Saudi Arabian consumers said the sites they bought the most online were those with multiple product categories and pure e-commerce brands.

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