Qingdao Bonded Logistics Park To Export Goods.

- Apr 25, 2018 -

The driver stops in the special parking lot of the China merchants' bonded logistics park. If it is a warehouse, the driver will go to 103.The room allows staff to send goods information to the merchant bureau window, If it is a medium-build warehouse, the driver goes to the middle chute window. Ask staff to send goods information to the merchant bureau window. After sending the message, the driver relies on the stock. Knowledge, entry cargo information sheet, travel permit, to the merchant bureau window fee printing into the area bar code, with the bar. Shape code scanned into the garden. The China merchants bureau has ordered heavy vehicles to enter the park and empty cars out of the park.


Bar code is disposable and cannot be reused.


The delivery driver takes the delivery notice, the driving license, the bar code to the warehouse business acceptance center to handle the acceptance list. Hong Kong and mainland China will temporarily hold the driving license, the company will charge the deposit, the driver will return to the business acceptance hall after unloading the warehouse, and the warehouse will return the driving license or deposit to the driver.( (figure 3 is ground pound, container truck and back heavy box. You can know the VGM data if you don't weigh it.)


The driver takes the delivery notice and the warehousing acceptance order to the warehouse to discharge the goods. Port and land warehouse north and south 12 door, our company. There are exclusive unloading channels, carton goods, cloth rolls and other artificial goods in A,B,C door unloading (south gate), pallet cargo, Special specifications and bulk goods in doors 1, 2 and 3 (north gate).


When the driver unloads, he will unload the van at the warehouse gate, which can be in the middle or tail of the truck.To unload the work.


If the goods have different PO Numbers, some factories will put the goods according to the PO number when loading the car, and the driver will be based on it.Cargo list, assist the warehouse to unload the goods when unloading.The warehouse does not charge extra for the goods.If the goods are not placed according to the PO number when loading the goods, and the driver is not responsible for the distribution, the warehouse shall be required to follow the PO number. The goods are divided, usually the warehouse will charge Rmb15w/m.


If the customer asks the warehouse to check the PO number, during the unloading process, the tally man will check the PO number and check the goods. If there is a PO number error, the goods are damaged or damped, the tally man will take photos immediately and send them to you on the same day. We are waiting for our opinions. Upon completion of the inspection, the goods will be placed on the warehouse tray in the pre-allocation warehouse.Note: usually two unloading workers and one warehouse keeper are provided for each discharge.


After unloading, the warehouse keeper counts the number of goods, measures the size of the goods, and checks the actual arrival of the goods and the driver's entry into the warehouse. The size of the number shown on the list is the same, and the actual number of the number, the shipping mark, is recorded in the driver's notice of delivery. On the back, sign and give it to the driver.


After the goods arrive in the preset warehouse, the tallyman will attach the warehousing to the goods, and then check them in the box tear off.


After the unloading is completed, the driver will return the goods to the warehouse after the cargo has been counted.The business reception hall shall handle the payment and confirmation procedures, and the customer service staff will record the goods recorded by the tally clerk.The actual situation of the material is printed on the entry confirmation slip, and the driver will sign and pay the payment on the entry confirmation slip. Pay the driver may leave after paying the driver's license or deposit.


Common cargo packing type.

1.Cartons (to prevent cargo from collapsing, warehouse. The library will be easy to wrap around loose cardboard boxes. Film processing)

2. Barrel

3. Roll


4. Bagged: this bagged cargo can only be placed on plastic pallets because of the wooden plywood tray surface. There may be a splinter or a nail, which causes the packaging to break. The warehouse will be gradually replaced by plastic brackets.Disk, good for cargo safety and recycling of pallets recycling.


5. Pallet.


6.Pallet + packing belt is fixed (for 100 yuan/to bag, pack 10 yuan/root)


7. plywood                     Package


8. Special specification goods (these goods are usually placed outside the warehouse unless the weather is rainy)


9. Bulk goods (unless the weather is rainy, they are usually placed outside the warehouse.)


10. nude packing 


Packing of goods liable to damage.

1. The top of the plywood is thin and the cargo is unsatisfactory.


2. The rough edges of the goods may cause damage to other goods.


3. The wrap frame has a large amount of hollow space.


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