Materials Provided In Customs Clearance

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Customs clearance formalities at the time of import and export of goods to a series of customs clearance procedures, usually includes documents collection, file consolidation, customs clearance, taxes paid, the customs inspection and quarantine department, storage and transportation, customs clearance release such steps.

Recently, there is a case, the goods arrive at the port, the customer can not please, cause a lot of thinking.In freight forwarding this line, it is easy to appear such a situation, for this event which requires shipment&consignee and the agent clearly understand how to customs clearance, what is the procedure of customs clearance.Therefore, according to the existing problems, this paper puts forward that, as the forwarder and other buyers, how to make the customs clearance procedures, and the preparation of customs clearance materials and so on.


First of all, the import and export goods the consignee or consignor of registration, should according to the nature of the company registered address and the enterprise of industry and commerce, in accordance with the specific acceptance department submit the following documents and places material (usually enterprises management office is responsible for the customs or civic center customs office window) :

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1. 《Enterprise business license》 (sole proprietorship, partnership enterprise or individual industrial and commercial merchant) and a copy of the official seal of the business license.

2.  《Record registration form of foreign trade dealers》 (Except where the provisions of laws, administrative regulations or the ministry of commerce do not require record registration;The foreign-capital enterprise shall provide the approval documents for the articles of association of the competent government departments and 《Certificate of approval of investment enterprise of the People's Republic of China, HK, Macao and overseas Chinese》or 《Approval certificate of the foreign investment enterprise of the People's Republic of China》)copy of the original and stamped official seal.

3. The original of the articles of association and a copy of the official seal of the company (non-enterprise legal person shall not be submitted).

4. 《Customs registration enterprise information verification table》.

5. The original and the copy of the official seal of the bank.

6. Special seal for customs declaration (to be made in public security bureau, with a length of 50mm, width 36mm, oval).


Secondly, the import and export enterprises can apply for the goods on the spot, and collect the customs declaration registration certificate of the customs import and export goods of the People's Republic of China at the time limit.At the latest 3 working days can be collected, the customs free handling.More importantly, export import customs clearance also needs to provide some materials.As follows:

The export declaration shall also provide the following materials:

1. Trading contract

2. Packing list

3. Proforma invoice

4. Entrust letter of customs declaration

5. Customs register’s code

Import customs clearance procedures provide the following materials:

1. Packing list

2. Proforma invoice

3. Commercial invoice

4.  The entrust letter of customs declaration

5. The procuration letter of attorney

6.  Application of specimen and detection

7. ISO9001 or other quality certificate

8. There is a conformity certification.

If your company does not import and export right for customs clearance companies to sign an agency agreement, and then go to aviation company, to get the evidence of aviation freight and packing list, invoice, after the master list to customs clearance.