International Air Transport Basic Knowledge

- Jul 02, 2018 -

International air transport basic knowledge (1)

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Eight elements of air inquiry:

1. Commodity (or not).

2. Weight (including charges), volume (size and whether goods are sold).

3. Packing (whether or not a wooden case, a tray or not).

4. Destination of airport (basic point or not).

5. Required time (direct or transfer).

6. Required flights (flight service and price difference).

7. Category of bill of lading (main and list).

8. Required transport services (customs declaration, agent documents, customs clearance, etc.).

Air freight and cargoes are transported by air. The weight of 1CBM=167KG is heavier than the actual weight.

The air freight rate consists of:

1. A/F (airline charge).

2. Fuel surcharge.

3. Security inspection fee.

4. Airport operation fee.

5. Terminal cost: Airport collection.

Common airlift nouns:

ATA/ATD (actual time of arrival / actual time of departure). The abbreviation of the actual port / departure time.

Air waybill (AWB).

The documents issued by the shipper or in the name of the shipper are the evidence for the carriage of goods between the shipper and the carrier.

Unaccompanied baggage.

Luggage delivered by consignment is not carried and checked baggage.

Bonded warehouse.

In such a warehouse, cargoes or articles can be stored without a deadline without paying import duties.

Bulk cargo .

Bulk cargo without loading plates and loading containers.

CAO (Cargo for Freighter Only)

Collect charges.

The fees charged to the consignee are listed on the air waybill.

Prepaid freight.

The cost paid by the shipper is stated on the air waybill.

Chargeable Weight.

It is used to calculate the weight of air freight. The billing weight can be the volume weight, or when the goods are loaded into the carrier, the total weight is loaded to reduce the weight of the carrier.

CIF(Cost, Insurance and Freightage).



The shipper receives one or more consignments of the consignor at a certain time and place and carries it to a certain destination by a single air waybill.


Consolidated Consignment

A consignment of goods consigned by two or more than two consignors, each consignor has signed an air freight contract with the shipping agent.


A person or organization that syntheses goods to collect goods.

COSAC (Community Systems for Air Cargo)

Customs .

Customs code.

Customs clearance .

Dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods refer to objects or substances that may pose a major threat to health, safety or property when airborne.

Declared Value for Carriage .

The value of the goods declared by the shipper to the carrier is to determine the freight or restrict the carrier's liability for loss, damage or delay.

Declared Value for Customs


The charge paid by the carrier to the agent or other carrier and then charged by the final carrier to the consignee. These fees are usually charged for paying the freight or miscellaneous fees paid by the agent or other carrier for the transport of goods.

EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transportation).

It is the abbreviation of "management, commerce and transportation electronic data interchange". EDIFACT is an international standard for Message Syntax in electronic data interchange.


In a certain period of time, the carrier refuses to accept any goods, any type, or grade of goods on any route or part of the route or by the carrier in any area or place.

ETA/ETD (Estimated Time of Arrival / Estimated Time of Departure). The abbreviation of the time expected to be in port / departure.

Export License

A government permit document allowing a holder (shipper) to export a specified commodity to a specific destination.

FOB (Free on Board).

Under the condition of "on board", the goods are to be shipped by the seller at the port of loading specified in the contract of sale. The risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the buyer when the goods pass the ship's side (leaving the dock after being placed on board), and the handling fee is paid by the seller.

FOB Airport

This term is similar to the general FOB term. After the seller delivers the goods to the air carrier at the departure airport, the risk of loss will be transferred from the seller to the buyer.


An agent or company that provides services (such as receiving, transferring or delivering goods) to ensure and assist in the transportation of goods.

Gross Weight

HAWB(House Air Waybill)

The document includes the assembling of single goods in goods, issued by the consignor of mixed goods, including instructions to the dismantling agent.

IATA (International Air Transport Association)

The abbreviation of the International Air Transport Association. IATA is an organization in the air transport industry that provides services to airlines, passengers, cargo owners, travel agents and government. The association aims to promote air transport safety and standardization (baggage inspection, air tickets, weight list) and assist in the verification of international air freight charges. The headquarters of IATA is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Import License

The government permission document allowing the holder (consignee) to import the designated commodity.


The goods are marked on the packages to identify the goods or mark the owner's information.

Master Air Waybill

This is an air waybill consisting of a batch of containerized goods, which indicates that the consignor is the consignor.

Neutral Air Waybill

Perishable Cargo

Pre-packed Cargo

Reception Checklist List

Regulated Agent Regime

Shipment Release Form


Shipper's Certificate for live animals/ dangerous goods

A declaration made by the shipper - declaring that the goods have been properly packaged and accurately described in accordance with the rules of the latest version of the IATA and the rules of the carrier and the provisions of government legislation so that they are suitable for air transportation.

Shipper's Letter of Instruction

A document containing the instructions of the shipper or the shipper to prepare documents and instructions for the delivery of the goods.

STA/STD (Schedule Time of Arrival / Schedule Time of Departure).It is abbreviations of time to port / departure.

TACT (The Air Cargo Tariff)

The abbreviation of the "air cargo tariff" published by the international aviation Publishing House (IAP) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


The charges, charges and / or conditions of the carriage of goods by the carrier. The freight list varies by country, cargo weight and / or carrier.

Unit Load Device

Any type of container or containerized for transporting goods.

Valuable Cargo

The declared value of goods is equal to or more than 1000 dollars per kilogram gross weight, such as gold and diamonds.

Valuation Charge

Vulnerable Cargo

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