High LCL Charge At POD

- Mar 28, 2018 -

High LCL Charge at Port of Destination

Real case

The case happened in September 2017.

Cargo volume: 8.60CBM / 1385KGS .

Port of loading: Guangzhou Port ,China ( River Port )

Port of destination: Barcelona Port, Spain.

Charges at Port of destination: EUR2478.33 By LCL


Due to shipper quoted wrongly to cnee at a lower price, shipper required agent to return them USD150.00/CBM for LCL O/F. However, shipper is required POD charge no higher than USD200.00/CBM by cnee. Finally agent failed to satisfy the request of cnee.

1. If shipper does not pay the corresponding fee at POL, the cost     will be incurred in the destination port.

2. Shipper requests forwarding agent to collect money from consignee for their own profit.

3. Shipper does not take actual value of product and price competition in the local market into consideration..

4. Shipper only tries to reduce their cost to the lowest, and never think about the cost of consignee.

5. Doubled with the cost of forwarding agent, finally the cost of cnee  changed from USD200.00 per cbm into EUR300.00 per cbm.

6.Besides, consignee should pay high tariff and VAT or GST in the destination port.So average cost of cnee increased up to USD1500.00/cbm which is beyond the purchasing power of local people.

7.This is out of consideration of shipper.