Freight Business Process

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Receipt: 1.The Highway Transportation Supervisor receives (faxes) The transportation sends the plan from the customer; 2.The road transportation dispatch receives the storehouse bill of lading from the customer; 3. Check Documents.

Registration: 1. Transport dispatch on the registration form, the delivery destination, the customer to demarcate the delivery number; 2. drivers (designated personnel and vehicles) to the Transport dispatch center to take the bill of lading, and in the transport of the book confirmed sign.

Call Schedule: 1. Fill in the Transportation plan; 2, fill in transit, sent to the situation, tracking feedback table; 3. The computer loses the order.

Fleet Exchange: 1. According to the direction of delivery, weight, volume, co-ordinate the arrangement of vehicles; 2. Reported to the customer transport plan, and confirmed to the factory delivery time.

Delivery: 1. Check the vehicle situation. 2. Arrive at the customer delivery warehouse on time; 3. Handle the delivery formalities; 4. The delivery, cover the carport, Lock the box door; 5. Run the factory formalities well; 6. Telephone notification receiving customer advance time.

In transit tracking: 1. The establishment of receiving customer files. 2. The driver timely feedback information. 3. With the receiving customer phone contact delivery status. 4. Fill in the tracking record. 5. Have abnormal situation and timely contact with customers.

Arrival sign: 1. Telephone or fax confirm arrival time. 2. The driver will be sent back with EMS or fax to recall the logistics. 3. Sign the transport bill. 4. The regular return to customer service. 5. The local market place of residence timely feedback to customers.

Return: 1. On time and accurately arrive at the designated unloading location. 2. The transfer of goods. 3. Hundred percent sign to ensure that the quantity and quality of transportation products and customers out of the library single to. 4. Understand the delivery of customer products in the local market sales.

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