Expose The Liar! This Mexican Customer Please Be Careful!

- Jan 24, 2019 -

Expose the liar! This Mexican customer please be careful!


(The news from Singapore UNL Shipping & Logistics Pte Ltd ).


Our company got acquainted with this Mexican customer, One Diamond Electronic (although the customer's company is in the United States and sells in Mexico, which is also called Diamond Electronics Mexico), at the spring Hong Kong exhibition in April 2018.

The other party, Ms. Veronica Alcaraz, told our colleague, little A, that their company was very interested in our game cases. At the same time, they were going to make A batch of game cases for their own mobile phones. After the exhibition, I came back to the office and contacted the customer immediately. After several rounds of price talk in a month, the customer said he would come to our factory to see the strength.

Around June, the customer came to our factory to have a look, and he was very satisfied with us after the look. However, their company has stipulated that the factory should have the factory inspection certification, fortunately, our factory already has the walmart factory inspection certification.

At this time, the customer continued to fight the price war with us. After several rounds, the order and price of 60,000 game shells were finally determined.

Since this is the first time for us to cooperate, we require the customer to pay part of the deposit when we are talking about the order. When it comes to the problem of payment for the rest of the payment, the customer said that their company can only accept payment by letter of credit, not TT.At this time, my colleague little A and the supervisor entered into the negotiation of the letter of credit together. Seeing that the delivery address was the mobile phone factory with matching mobile phone cases in China, I thought this letter of credit was A bit impracticable.However, the customer always asked for payment by letter of credit. At this time, we proposed that we could export, and our company had the right to export, but the customer said that since they are the brand of Polaroid, all products exported by the supplier should be filed with the customs.We asked the customer to record our factory into the customs export, the customer with various reasons prevaricate.

Finally, we asked for delivery to the mobile phone factory, so the customer issued a draft letter of credit.Due to various reasons, the payment cannot be made through documents after the original l/c is issued, because we are not the last exporter.Instead of negotiating with the client, the client says, "are you questioning us?"Also said that the past has been such a supplier cooperation also get money.They will ask their forwarder to issue documents for us, so that we can go to the bank to get the money.

As the customer is in urgent need of goods, we required to get the payment for goods by letter of credit when the goods were delivered for more than 20,000 yuan. The documents issued by the forwarder to us have no effect and cannot get the money in the bank at all.Once again, I negotiated with the customer and asked him to change the TT payment. The customer agreed and said that the sales volume was very good and the additional order quantity should be up to 100,000.

We immediately started production again, and the customer accepted TT for the rest of the payment when we negotiated.The customer is in urgent need of goods again, the mobile phone factory urges us to deliver goods.Thinking that there is no guarantee for the remaining payment, we ask the customer to pay for the goods again.Later, the customer slowly did not urge the goods, the warehouse is still more than 5W of goods have not been out.At that time, we knew that due to the good sales of this mobile phone, customers started to pay in the Mexican telecom industry circle, which was put on the blacklist by several companies, and the mobile phone sales declined all the way. We immediately asked the customer to pay for the goods. The customer did not reply to the payment directly, but said that it would be settled. We thought the customer would solve the problem, but all we got was a different result. Now, we owe our factory more than 1 million yuan.

Now we are still in the process of pushing for payment. We have heard that the customer not only owes money to our factory, but also other suppliers of tablet computers and mobile phones. Employees, including those in the China office, are in arrears.

This is the company's website: www.diamond-electronics.com

Such companies could also become Polaroid's brand agency. We hope that the future cooperation of foreign and domestic customers should be more careful, the first cooperation is not to be taken lightly.

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