Exchange Rate & Made In China

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Exchange rate & made in China!!!

The lowest point of the RMB against the dollar in the past: USD1.00 = RMB5.98

Twenty-first Century highest point: USD1.00 = RMB8.26

The highest rate of exchange in history was USD1.00 = RMB13.00 in the 90s last century

Whether exchange rate is high or low, China's export will grow forever, and it is more than all the people expect. But with the growth of exports, the world does not agree with the quality of Chinese products, and the purchase of China is just because it is cheap. On the contrary, the popular products are made in Germany, made in Japan, made in the United States, and so on.

In fact, the early warning signal from 2008 indicates that the future market is about the market of product quality, the quality of packaging, the style of goods, and its own design concept. This is not a price war market. Otherwise, it will only allow your company to disappear faster.

Because of the quality and reputation of German products. In the time of the global economic downturn, only Germany's economy was not affected, because when people want the best quality products, the first thing they think about is German products. The second is Japanese products.

Because of the following reasons, the quality and competitiveness of Chinese products is poor.

1. the factory managers are most rich man. But they don't know the quality, the brand and the design idea. They lack a wealth of industry experience and excellent product concept of employees to instil the ideas and ideas for their bosses.

2. factory + trade in order to get the lowest cost, the profits of each link to the minimum. Including logistics, packaging, raw materials and other links, the service and product quality are not placed first, but the lowest product price is they the biggest competitive weapon.

3. because most of the products in China will be subsidized, So the supplier will sell the cost of the product to the consignee

4. the enterprise lacks the original spirit, the employee's work has no enthusiasm. Turn into a vicious circle.

Of course, Chinese companies are now becoming active. More companies will learn the best experience of the world's most advanced enterprises, and the quality of the products made in China will become more perfect and reliable in the future. The world stage is also more competitive and more satisfactory.