Effective Warehousing Management

- Oct 16, 2017 -

1. Chasing

Warehousing management should have the ability of information traceability, before reaching the logistics transport and supplier production status, and supplier production scheduling and actual shipments to connect. At the same time, warehousing management must be etd/eta with the logistics operators, respectively: ETD (estimatedtodeparture)--leaving the supplier factory to ship the number of terminals, leaving the vendor outsourced warehouse The amount of terminals, Third-party logistics and fourth party logistics load the amount of departure from the starting place, ETA (Estimatedtoarrival)--third party logistics and fourth party logistics load to arrive at the destination of how much, arrived at the company's factory terminal quantity, arrived at the company's production line side warehouse how much, and vmimin/ Max inventory System connection replenishment status.

2. Receiving

The warehouse should be used bar code or more advanced RFID scanning to confirm the feed status, the key points include: in the supplier delivery, delivery information is not purchased VPO number, the warehouse should find the relevant departments in time to identify the cause, to confirm whether the goods should be received at this time In the case where the material does not meet the minimum packing quantity when the material is counted. Should open the box careful inventory, lack of recognition, can be received; When receiving the scan confirmation, if the system does not receive, should find the relevant departments in time to identify the cause, confirm whether the goods received.

3. Check

Warehouse should have the ability to check the goods, for Class A materials (only a few suppliers to choose a limited competitive market and monopoly supply market for the exclusive provision of a category of materials) special control, strictly controlled the quantity, independent warehouse, 24-hour security monitoring; To establish the exemption system Request suppliers for the line side of the defective material supplies unconditional timely replenishment of goods and materials storage time to analyze and set the bad material handling time limit.

4. Storage

The material enters the storehouse to do not fall or at least to do (stored on the pallet, can be moved at any time), each kind of material can only have a scattered box or scattered box on a pallet, the temporary time limit automatic warning, as far as possible storage (bin-location) control, do nopicklist (Work order preparation check list), Can't Move!

5. Pick

Picking material according to the order of the work order to do, can do according to the lamp indicating picking material is superior (also known as Picktolight), picking the best to do automatically scan to the debit action, timely change the inventory information to inform the central dispatch replenishment.

6. Hair

Warehouse hair Material According to the work order to prepare a single material, the work order, preparation and picking list should be in one triple, to do on-site work order consumption at a glance, using automatic scanning system with information transmission operation.

7. Disk

The cleaning and playing disk always follows the principle of Sanban scattered box. For example, 1 kinds of items total 103, 10 boxes (10 per carton) plus 3 zero, counting counting methods should be written in 10 boxes x10 + 3 = 103. For the classification of materials to be classified, so as to determine all types of material inventory time, the periodic inventory can be divided into intraday/Zhou Pan/monthly disk, daily inventory with movelist (inventory moving list) inventory; monthly 1th Noon 12 o'clock Checkout goal to be set.

8. Retreat

To the whole package return to deal with the principle, deal with the time limit and the amount of processing should achieve the whole package that is back or every Friday 3 o'clock in the afternoon the whole batch of light, do Forceparts (line edge Warehouse automatic replacement) system to replace RMA (withdrawal confirmation: returnmaterialauthorization) approach, With the Vmihub return area sharing principle, the supplier is required to do the free packaging supply.

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