Declaration Unit Of Import And Export Goods

- Oct 16, 2017 -

The main system of Customs declaration management of Import and export goods is the registration system. All enterprises in the People's Republic of China entry and exit ports for import and export cargo declaration procedures must be registered with the customs declaration.

To carry out the declaration formalities of import and export goods, must first be approved by the Customs as a declaration unit. The units that can register with the Customs and Excise Department are classified into two categories, one kind is to transact the Declaration registration unit and the other is to transact the Agent Declaration registration unit. To handle customs declaration and Customs Declaration, at the location of the enterprise customs. Customs declaration business, should be by the declaration of Enterprises and Customs Declaration enterprises designated personnel, such as customs declaration processing. Customs declaration must be trained, qualified and received by the Customs issued by the "Customs Broker card" can be engaged in customs work.

(a) The registration of Customs declaration units

The units that can apply to Customs for registration of Customs declaration are: authorized enterprises with the right to operate the import and export trade, joint ventures, cooperative ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises; The unit which is approved by the Customs for the import and export formalities regularly.

An enterprise that applies for registration of customs Declaration, the relevant documents shall be submitted to the Customs and Excise Department: 1. A copy or photocopy of the documents issued by the Economic and Trade administration for the business of import and export; 2. A copy or photocopy of the business license issued by the administrative Department of Industry and Commerce; 3. The Bank's economic security certificate or equivalent supporting documents Application for registration of Declaration; 5. A copy or photocopy of the documents approved by the relevant department. The above content by the Customs examination and approval, issued "Declaration of registration certificate."

(b) the unit for registering the agent's declaration

Enterprises with legal personality may apply to the Customs for the registration of Customs declaration, and at the same time submit relevant documents to the Customs and Excise Department: Business license issued by the administration of industry and commerce; application for registration of agent Declaration; To ensure that the import and export of goods tax can be paid in a timely manner, or to the financial institutions to insure and submit to the Customs financial institutions issued by the economic guarantee, or through the notary authority in the form of fixed Assets mortgage guarantee payment of credit documents. After the application has been approved by the Customs, the certificate of registration of declaration is issued. After the enterprise obtains the qualification of the declaration unit, it can handle the formalities of the goods entry and exit by the full-time or part-time declarant.

The qualification of the Customs declaration unit is terminated automatically with the cancellation of the enterprise that originally applied to become a declaration unit. If you change the contents of the registration, you should apply to the customs again.

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