Classification Of Warehouses

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Warehouses can be classified according to different standards, and common warehouse classifications are as follows:

Dedicated Warehouse

A dedicated warehouse is a warehouse with refrigeration, insulation and other facilities. Suitable for storage performance of the more special products and needs to have a certain technical equipment of goods. such as sugar, fruit, food, medicinal herbs, poultry meat and other goods easy to melt, mildew, decay, and a large number, need refrigeration or constant temperature storage.

General Warehouse

General Warehouse, also known as the General Warehouse, integrated warehouse, generally refers to a room temperature storage, natural ventilation, no special functions of the warehouse. General warehouse According to the principle of consistent product performance, maintenance measures, the classification of commodity management. This kind of warehouse does not need special technical equipment, in the Chinese commercial warehouse occupies the big proportion.

Dangerous Goods Warehouse

The dangerous goods storehouse is one kind of special storehouse which the disposition has the specialized equipment and the corresponding fire protection method, can play to the dangerous goods certain protection function. Because dangerous goods are flammable, explosive, poisonous, corrosive or radioactive characteristics, strictly prohibited with the general items mixed. The main task of the dangerous Goods warehouse is to ensure the safe storage of all kinds of dangerous goods.

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