Basic Information On Charter Flights

- May 30, 2018 -

1.Definition of charter flight

Charter refers to according to the public air transport enterprise and the charter contract is signed by and between point and point of irregular flight, including ordinary fly charter flight, the plane flight, first aid, tourist charter flights, etc.And charter transportation is relative to the flight transportation, which is the aircraft transportation of the aircraft that sets sail at an indefinite period, an indefinite route, an indefinite departure station, an indefinite destination port and an indefinite transit station.

2. Classification of charter flights

    Charter transport can be divided into whole charter and part charter.  

The charter flight

A.  Charter of the entire aircraft means that the airline leases the entire aircraft to the charterer and ships the goods from one or more airports to the destination, subject to the conditions and costs agreed upon in advance with the charterer.

B.  Charter flights are typically a month before the shipment of the contact with airlines, for airlines to arrange delivery and apply to the takeoff and landing at the airport and relevant government departments, the entry or transit of the relevant formalities.

C.  Charter costs: one at a time, with international market supply and demand changes.In principle, charter freight charges are assessed at a fixed rate for each flight kilometer and are charged at 80 per cent of the cost for each flight kilometer.Therefore, when using charter flights for large quantities of goods, it is necessary to strive for cargo loading on both the inbound and outbound routes, so that the cost is relatively low.Single way only, high freight.

D.  The advantage of charter flight

a.     Solve the conflict of insufficient flight space.

b.     The goods are all shipped by charter, saving time and the formalities of multiple shipments.

c.      Make up for the lack of direct flights and no transit.

d.     Reduce damage, shortage or loss of goods.

e.     Ease flight tension during the peak air season.

f.       Solve the problem of transporting seafood and moving goods.


Part of charter flights

A. charter flight is a charter flight jointly chartered by several air freight companies or shippers or sold by an airline to several air freight carriers for cargo.It is used to transport heavy cargo in less than one aircraft cabin.

B. Comparison of partial charter and flight transportation.

a.   The time is longer than the flight, although some charter flights have fixed schedules and are often delayed for other reasons.

b.   Governments often impose restrictions on foreign airlines operating charter flights in order to protect the interests of their airlines.If the scope of the charter flight is relatively narrow, the landing site is limited.When landing at a location other than a designated location, it is important to apply to the relevant authorities of the local government for permission to land (e.g. entry, passage of air space and landing site).


Because cargo Spaces are often limited in the form of flight transportation, charter flights become an important means of transportation when cargo volumes are large.Section charter transport can usually be divided into the whole charter and part charter.

So-called machine charter refers to airlines or the agency in accordance with the contract and the conditions of the two sides agreed in advance in freight will lease rent the whole plane machine, from one or several mode of transportation of the goods to the specified destination airport.Part of the charter is to point to by several air freight forwarder or consignor chartered a plane, or by a charter company sell a plane space respectively to several forms of carriage of goods by air freight forwarder.Relative parts of machine is suitable for transporting a ton but cargo less than the whole goods and cargo under this form was lower than those of flight to transport, but because of the need to wait for other owner's ready goods, so the delivery time longer.

3.  Charter transportation certificate

A.     charter flights application

B.     Charter certificate

The charterer and the carrier, in carrying out the charter party contract, shall fill in one or more shipping documents and freight bills for each charter party.Fill in the date, time and aircraft number of the charter flight in the remarks column of the cargo waybill: fill in the words "charter flight" and the charter flight fee and other related expenses in the freight column.

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