All Big Ship Companies Spring Festival Suspension Situation Summary!

- Jan 22, 2019 -

(The news from Singapore UNL Shipping & Logistics Pte Ltd ).


The adjustments are as follows:


Week 06

TP8 Maersk Antares 906N, ETD Xingang 06/02/2019, blank sailing

TP6 Maersk Enping 906N, ETD Nansha 08/02/2019, blank sailing

TP10 ZIM Antwerp 906E, ETD Xingang 08/02/2019, blank sailing


Week 07

TP2 Maersk Eureka 907N, ETD Singapore 11/02/2019, blank sailing

TP8 Maersk Algol 907N, ETD Xingang 13/02/2019, blank sailing

TP17 Arthur Maersk 907W, ETD Hong Kong 11/02/2019, blank sailing

TP16 MSC Roma 907E, ETD Xiamen 12/02/2019, blank sailing


Week 08

TP8 Maersk Altair 908N, ETD Xingang 20/02/2019, blank sailing

TP17 Adrian Maersk 908W, ETD Hong Kong 18/02/2019, blank sailing

TP16 Maersk Stralsund 908E, ETD Xiamen 19/02/2019, blank sailing


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