Air Transport Questions

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Label: booking claim for airlift

Question: How does the price level of air transport be divided?

Reply: You should ask for a different rate of freight according to the different types of goods, which is not applicable in the transportation of most of the goods, but only for the delivery of the cargo. Some will be used in the transportation of special goods. At present, the vast majority of freight tariff grades are divided by weight.

Question: I want to know what airline companies are taking advantage of.

For example, AF flies that line, GT flies that line, and so on. Can you tell me?

Reply: The main purpose is to look at the first port of the airline. For example, AF is flying CDG, and France and Western Europe should be good. In addition, many countries in Africa used to be French colonies, so some of AF's flight to Africa was also good. Let's do it in turn.

Question: A batch of my goods arrived at AMS, and the goods were damaged after the arrival of the port of destination. Now the customer has got the proof of the damage, but the agent of the originating place asks the customer to find the airline directly in the port of destination.

A. Is it possible for me to claim in the originating place?

B. If the customer claims at the port of destination, will the airline accept it? Do airlines have details in the settlement?

C. If customers do not want to do this, what else can I do for my customers?

D. Can I entrust an agent to handle this claim?


A. Sure

B. Accept, no details

C. Only the best customers

D. Sure, but the effect is not big.

The port of destination claims is the best way. After all, there are still some differences between the domestic and foreign countries.

Question: I am mainly engaged in domestic air transport, I want to know what procedures to do international needs, please enlighten me!

Reply: In fact, it doesn't need anything special. It's still more open now, but it's best to have international air agents on your company's business.

Question: Let's ask the landlord how to fix the warehouse. If we decide the goods of the storehouse will not go, what should we do to deal with it?

Reply: The reservation is to make a reservation with the airline and confirm the space with the airline one day before the flight is taken off. The general airline's confirmed space is basically guaranteed.

We have booked the shipping space, and the goods will not be able to go. If you only book the shipping space and do not confirm the shipping space, that is your problem. If it is not confirmed, the airline cannot reserve the shipping space.

There are several reasons why the airline and you have confirmed that the cargo has not gone off.

1. The aircraft failure or other reasons led to the cancellation of the flight. (This can allow the airline to issue a certificate)

2. The aircraft changes the type, resulting in the change of the total shipping space and cargo delivery.

3. Baggage increase exceeds budget (generally unlikely, airline certification).

4. The delivery time is over the latest transfer time.

5. The customer’s goods are late,so it is too late to hand over. (the responsibility is in the customer, but we need to arrange the flight as soon as possible so that the customer will be satisfied). 

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