Scope and duration of import and export declarations

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Declaration scope

In accordance with the law, all inbound and outbound transport tools, goods, articles are required to handle customs clearance procedures. The specific scope of customs declaration is as follows:

(i) Inbound and outbound transport tools

Inbound and outbound means of transport refers to the use of personnel, goods, goods and the entry and exit, and in the international operation of a variety of domestic or foreign ships, vehicles, aircraft and carrying livestock.

(ii) inward and outward cargo

Inward and outward cargo refers to the general import and export of goods, bonded goods, temporary turnover of goods, specific tax relief goods, transit, transshipment and general and other inward and outward cargo.

(iii) inward and outward items

Inbound and outbound items refer to baggage items, postal items and other items. The entry and exit of goods into and out of the territory by the entry and exit of persons as baggage items; Articles of entry and exit by postal means are postal items;

Declaration Period

The term of the Customs Declaration refers to the time limit for the consignee or its agent to declare to the customs after the goods have been transported to the port, and the customs will levy late fees.

According to the Customs Law, the declaration period of import goods shall be within 14th from the date of the declaration of entry of the means of transport. By the consignee or his agent to the Customs Declaration, import goods except within 14th of the Customs Declaration to the entry, but also in the carriage of imported goods to the point of arrival within 14th of the date of the customs declaration In excess of this term, the customs shall collect the demurrage.

Export goods shall be declared to the customs 24 hours before the goods are loaded into the means of transport. That is to say, the first declaration, after loading. 24 hours after the declaration, the goods can be loaded as a means of transport.

Import goods stipulate the period of declaration and the imposition of demurrage is to use administrative means and economic means to promote the import of goods consignees or their agents in a timely manner, speed up port transportation, so that imported goods into the production and use of early.

Export goods stipulate the period of declaration, is to ensure the customs inspection and supervision of export goods, to ensure the timely delivery of goods exports.

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