Matters needing attention in import and export declaration

- Oct 16, 2017 -

1. Import documents (packing list, invoices, trade contracts), etc. all documents must be consistent with the actual goods.

2. Packing list, invoices, trade contracts and other documents on the goods name must be the same and the actual goods in line with the name.

3. The weight and number of the goods on the packing list shall be consistent with the bill of lading and shall be consistent with the actual goods.

4. The contract must have the contract number, the invoice must have the invoice number.

5. Is the wooden packing need to have the IPPC mark on the wooden packing.

6. The import of goods from Korea and Japan, as well as the certification of non-wood packaging.

7. The importation of the following nine categories of goods must be declared 5 days in advance:automotive parts; Chemical products; high-tech products; mechanical equipment; pharmaceuticals; many foods; multiple building materials; steel; motorcycle spare parts.

8. Imports of old printing machinery, the import period can not exceed 10 years, more than 10 countries do not allow imports.

9. Where the import of generating units, the effectiveness of the work can not exceed 15,000 hours, the period can not exceed 8 years.

10. Old medical equipment, the state does not allow imports.

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