Marine Terminals Classification

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Professional Dock

In the case of a comprehensive pier, a terminal for loading and unloading of a fixed type of cargo and the flow of goods. such as: Coal Wharf, fertilizer (in bulk or bagged) terminals, oil terminals, container terminals and so on. It is characterized by relatively fixed dock equipment, convenient handling, mechanical and automation, high loading and unloading efficiency, the pier through the ability of large, convenient management.

Container Terminals

Terminal for container loading and unloading. It is generally to have a special handling, transportation equipment, to have cargo, storage container wide yard, there are goods for the classification and disassembly container container freight stations. As the container can be a variety of miscellaneous pieces of goods and packaging to form a standardized unified, so can be used large-scale specialized equipment for loading and unloading, transportation, to ensure cargo handling, transport quality, improve dock handling efficiency. So at present, all over the world to the group of groceries, containerized transport is very important.

Cargo Dock

Along the river, rivers, lakes, sea of factories and mines, in the raw materials, fuel, manufactured goods in the transport process, in order to reduce the load and short-distance transportation, reduce the cost of products, usually near the enterprise, by the enterprise construction dock. This kind of professional more strong pier, known as the Shippers ' wharf.

Oil Dock

Specialized wharf for handling crude oil and oil products. It is safe from the general cargo terminals and other fixed buildings to have a certain fire safety distance, see "oil". The general characteristics of this type of wharf is the small load of goods, loading and unloading equipment is relatively simple, in the tanker is not small, the general portable type of wharf can be adapted. Because of the large-scale modern sea tanker, according to the characteristics of the oil tanker to resist the storm and the deep draught, the requirement of the wharf stability condition is not high. At present, there are four deepwater terminals for loading and unloading crude oil, namely, single point mooring, multi Point mooring, Island Wharf and Trestle pier. The first three kinds of general no wind wave buildings, the last kind of wind and waves building, depending on the layout and local conditions.

Comprehensive Pier

Also known as the General Pier. Able to carry out a variety of cargo handling operations of the pier. General loading and unloading machinery equipment, mainly to the main cargo loading and unloading parts. This kind of wharf is adaptable, and it is more suitable when the goods are unstable or batch is small.

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