Import and Export Declaration process

- Oct 16, 2017 -

The following documents shall be submitted to the Exporter for Customs declaration:

1. Import and export Cargo declaration form. The general import goods shall be filled in two copies, and the goods which need to be written off by the customs, such as processing trade goods and bonded goods, shall fill in a single type of three customs declaration;

2. Invoice of goods. The number of requirements than the declaration of a single, the export of goods entrusted to foreign sales, the settlement method is to be sold after the sale of goods to the export unit, the Export declaration can be granted exemption.

3. Land Waybill, air waybill and shipping bill of lading and shipping export. Customs after the examination and inspection, the original waybill on the signature of the release of the customs broker, with this pickup or shipment of goods.

4. Packing list of goods. The number of copies is the same as the invoice. However, goods in bulk or in a single variety and packaged content are free of charge.

5. Verification of export receipt of foreign exchange. All export goods declaration, should be subject to the foreign Exchange Management department stamped "Supervision of proceeds" chapter of export receipt verification, and the write-off number in each export declaration form in the upper right corner.

6. When the customs deems it necessary, it shall also submit the trade contract and the certificate of origin of the goods.

7. Other relevant documents. Including:

(1) The goods which are approved by the Customs for Tax reduction and tax exemption shall be submitted to the Customs and Excise Department for exemption Certificate, and the foreign enterprises in Beijing need to submit a list of imported equipment issued by the customs.

(2) The import and export of the processed trade contract which has been filed with the Customs shall be submitted to the "Registration Manual" issued by the customs.

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