Import and Export declaration of goods release

- Oct 16, 2017 -

1. For general export goods, when the consignor or his agent truthfully to the customs declaration, and the payment of taxes and related fees and charges, the customs on the export of the bill of lading to cover the "Customs release chapter" of the consignor of export goods by ship shipped out.

2. Exit of export goods: the application for customs clearance of goods consignor shall be within three days from the date of withdrawal to declare the declaration, the Customs approved after the goods can be transported out of the customs supervision place.

3. Issuance of Export Tax Rebate Declaration form: After the customs release, in the light yellow Export tax refund Special declaration stamped "inspection chapter" and the tax authorities have been filed with the Customs review of export tax refund responsible for the signature, refund of the declaration unit. In China every day about export value of 150 million U.S. dollars of goods, export cancellation tax refund every delay of one day, we must give our customers a great loss. How to speed up export write-off refund rate? The most important point in the document operation is to fill out the export declaration form correctly. The relevant contents of the Declaration form must be consistent with the manifest contents of the shipping company to the customs, so that the tax refund can be successfully cancelled. After acceptance of the customs declaration and release, due to transport equipment stowage and other reasons, if some of the goods fail to be loaded on the original declared means of transport, the consignor of the export goods shall promptly submit to the customs a revised application form for export declaration and a copy of the box invoice and bill of lading corrected, so that the contents of the declaration form can be consistent with the contents of the manifest.

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