Breakup and transportation of fragile goods

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Fragile packing

Products: beer, bottles, cups, etc.

1. the packing must be spaced each to prevent collision in the course of transportation. Cause damage and leakage of the goods.

The A. diaphragm must be intersecting with each other in the packing box.

The B. diaphragm must have an anti-collision (concave and convex template).

The C. diaphragm must be inserted by the machine for clamping.

D. is not artificially inserted because of the different manual force between men and women, which will eventually lead to a different collision force in the container.


1. inspection inside and outside of packing

The external and local wear of

A. packaging must be taken out. Because this can not enter foreign business super.

The internal breakage of the

B. packaging will result in liquid leakage or damage to the box between the outer bodies of the box.

Once the

C. container's internal packing box is damaged, it will cause the goods to collapse in the box. When discharging at the port of destination, it will produce relative danger, and the goods are fragile in the box.


1. packing process and forklift transport process

A. forklift goods should be put in flat.

B. goods need to be intersecting.

C. the bottom height of the forklift must remain about 30CM on the ground. not easy to walk on the bumpy road.


1. container internal and external inspection

A. ground is smooth.

B. there is no dirt and dirt on the ground. It must be cleaned up.

C. container can not be damaged outside.

D. container door and box arm can not be distorted, cause the door can not be closed normally


1. packing details

A. must be neatly discharged.

B. must go up and down without obvious space crevice.

The bottom of the C. packing box needs to be covered with the bottom plate. The main function is skidproof, shockproof and anti - slanting.


1. complete the packing

A. the door must block, to prevent slipping in the packing box to open the door when unloading.

B. net needs above and below all tension. It can't be loosened.

Once the

C. opens, it is easy to hurt the workers at the destination.


1. arrangement of VGM weighing

A. empty car & empty box must be weighed.

After loading the box,

B. must be weighed. The vehicle is arranged into the dock.